• August 4, 2022


Recognize types of weeds
We make a distinction between annual weeds and permanent weeds, both of which must be controlled in a different way. In the article Recognizing weeds you can find exactly how you can recognize and control each type of weed.

Control annual weeds
Annual weeds spread via seed and are therefore relatively easy to control. You can usually remove these weeds by hand or with a hoe. Make sure you start this on time, because as soon as more seed falls on the ground, you have even more plants to remove. Do not throw plants with seeds on the compost heap, because then the weeds will spread.

Fighting weeds
Perennial weeds usually spread through the roots. If you are going to fight this weed, it is therefore important that all roots are removed. Be rigorous with this, because even small, broken pieces of root can sprout again. With some stubborn weeds you have to be there in time, because otherwise the roots can spread throughout your garden and control the weeds then becomes a difficult job.

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