• October 4, 2022


Flowering time of the peony
The peony is a real seasonal bloomer and blooms in the months of May and June. Exactly when the flowers are available in these months depends on the weather. They like a warm temperature. The earliest varieties of peonies sometimes flower as early as mid-April when it gets lighter in the evening. Unfortunately, we often have to say goodbye to peonies at the end of June.

Exactly how long the peony blooms depends on the weather, the number of flower stems and the number of side buds. Under ‘normal circumstances’ a peony can flower for more than two weeks.

Sow or plant
Can’t wait for the new peony season to start? Sow or plant them in your own garden. The best time to sow is at the end of summer, in September. Then the peony releases its seeds. You must have a lot of patience before sowing. It can take up to seven years before you get the first flowers. And beware: very few seeds come from a peony. Also, be sure to sow in nutrient-rich soil that is well-draining.

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